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Custom Imprinted Long Fireplace and Woodstove Matches

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Showcase Fireplace & BBQ Matchbox

1001 | Showcase Fireplace & BBQ Matchbox

Containing 11-inch sticks with a choice of 16 match tip colors, the Showcase Fireplace matchbox is our largest style. Perfect for campfires, BBQ's, fireplaces, religious functions, and other home and outdoor gatherings that demand the longest-lasting flame. Our Showcase Match is the one that will always be up to the task. 11 5/8" L x 2 3/8" W x 1 3/4" H

Lipstick Fireplace & BBQ Specialty Matchbox

1010-4L-IN | Lipstick Fireplace & BBQ Specialty Matchbox

Super size 4" fireplace & barbecue wood matches are valued and kept handy for a variety of household and recreational purposes, fireplaces, barbecue grills, pilot lights, gas stoves, hurricane lamps, campfires, etc., and always welcomed by cigar and pipe enthusiasts who prefer lighting their tobacco with the pure lasting flame of an ample taper match stick. 4 1/2" L x 3/4" W x 3/4" H

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